Senator Mike Ellis

Since 2010, Senate President Mike Ellis has introduced, moved, and passed an unprecedented number of bills restricting women’s access to equal pay protections, health insurance coverage, sex education, birth control, and abortion.

Women’s health and rights suffer because of these laws. Our health care costs increase. There are more undiagnosed cancers, sexually transmitted diseases, unintended pregnancies, delayed prenatal care and yes, more abortions.

Governor Walker and the Republican majority are playing politics with women’s health and reversing decades of bipartisan progress. It’s time to turn Wisconsin around and stand with women.

Senator Ellis supported these attacks on women's health:

2013 Act 37 reduces access to safe and legal abortion by forcing the closure of two of Wisconsin’s four abortion facilities, mandating medically unnecessary ultrasounds, and criminalizing doctors who rely on best practice to care for their patients.

2011 Act 32, the biennial state budget, cut $500 million from BadgerCare, kicking 65,000 Wisconsin citizens off health insurance and denying them access to cost effective, lifesaving, preventative care.  

2011 Act 32 eliminated funding for Planned Parenthood, forcing the closure of four rural health centers for women seeking cancer screens, health exams, birth control, STD testing, and other preventative care.

2011 Act 32 eliminated Planned Parenthood from the program providing colposcopy services, a cancer screening method, to low income women. Planned Parenthood is one of the only health care providers that offer this service to low income women.

2011 Act 216 repealed the Healthy Youth Act that requires the teaching of abstinence based, age appropriate, medically accurate information to our students as a means of preventing unintended pregnancy and the transmission and spread of STDs.

2011 Act 219 repealed the Equal Pay Enforcement Act which gave women greater access to the court system to challenge pay discrimination. This repeal is damaging to women and families, especially during an economic crisis.

2011 Act 218 prohibits health insurance companies from covering abortion services, even for women in the most tragic health circumstances like being diagnosed with cancer. Prior to this law, 80% of private insurance companies covered abortion services.

2011 Act 217 reduced women’s access to nonsurgical abortion within the first nine weeks of pregnancy, in addition to a 24-hour waiting period and other restrictions on safe and legal abortion access.


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