Planned Parenthood began as an all-volunteer organization 100 years ago, and thanks to the hard work and countless hours that our volunteers provide, we are able to continue to ensure that family planning and other vital reproductive and health care information are available in communities across the state.
Planned Parenthood volunteers serve in a wide range of capacities, including on the phone, at the Capitol, on campus, online, and in the community to voice their support and advocate for comprehensive health care access. 

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Election Canvassing

Let's make history! Join us and engage in conversations with voters and let's elect Hillary Clinton, Russ Feingold, and other women's health champions!

Training and snacks will be provided for all volunteers. To learn more and sign-up to volunteer, contact your area Organizer:

Appleton: Becky Rasmussen or 262-308-2039
Green Bay: Becky Rasmussen or 262-308-2039
Madison: Angela Holecko or 216-538-5368 or Sign up online
Milwaukee: Ashley Ziolkowski or 920-224-5527 or Sign up online
Oshkosh: Autumn Linsmeier or 920-973-5521


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