2011 Abortion Restrictions (Act 217)

Passed Senate 17-15 on 2/22/12
Passed Assembly 60-33 on 3/15/12
Signed by Gov. Walker on 4/5/12

Act 217 is just another unnecessary and politically motivated attack on women's health care access that comes during a time of great economic distress. This bill adds unnecessary and harmful barriers to women seeking abortion care:

  • Allows an unacceptable intrusion into the doctor/patient relationship.
  • Requires abortion providers to give patients inaccurate post-procedure instructions.
  • Interferes with a doctor's ability to use his or her professional judgment to determine the appropriate medical care in each individual patient's unique circumstance.
  • Will not improve counseling or informed consent.
  • Interferes with continuity of care which is important for patients after an abortion procedure, especially when medically indicated.
  • Is opposed by the medical community.


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