2011 Wisconsin Well Woman Program - Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin

Wisconsin Well Woman Program

The Wisconsin Well Woman Program provides low-income and underinsured women with access to cancer screenings, referrals, and treatment. Planned Parenthood was a proud partner with the State of Wisconsin in administering the Well Woman Program from its inception in 1995 until 2011, when Gov. Walker ended that contract.

For 16 years, Planned Parenthood's role in the Well Woman Program was regarded as a model due to its strong community relationships, referral networks, and because women have long trusted Planned Parenthood for accurate information and professional, non-judgmental health care. In fact, PPWI has the highest volume of pap tests (the initial screen for cervical cancer) of any other single health care provider in the state.

Many county health departments looked to Planned Parenthood as a gateway to detecting cervical and breast cancer in their community and looked to PPWI staff for training and as a critical resource for WWWP providers statewide. Other community health providers referred women under WWWP to Planned Parenthood for the screenings they needed.

Until 2011, Planned Parenthood worked closely with the state to coordinate WWWP in four high volume counties. Planned Parenthood WWWP coordinators played a critical role in helping high risk women access care quickly and ensured that continuity of care was maintained by:
  • Enrolling women in the program
  • Tracking their appointments
  • Scheduling additional diagnostic services
  • Making referrals
  • Enrolling women in the Well Woman Medicaid Program if cervical or breast cancer was detected


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